Google Maps

The theme contain 2 different Google Map elements:

  • Google Maps (Free)
  • Google Maps (API and Billed)

Google Maps (Free)

The “Google Map (Free)” element which doesn’t require an API key and is free to use. Simply add your address, change the width and height and the Google Map will be visible on your website. Please note that the free map doesn’t have any other settings than that.

Google Maps (API and Billed)

The “Google Maps (API and Billed) is a more advanced map that allows you to add multiple locations and change more settings. For this map type you need a Google (billing) account and a Maps API key. Please follow the steps in the following article closely to create a valid API key. Also make sure you have enabled the JavaScript API manually.

Adding Google Maps API key to the theme

If you have enabled your billing account and created your API key please navigate to Appearance Customize Google Maps API key and paste your key into the input field and save the settings. Please wait a few minutes and your map should display on your website.

Adding location to the map element

Each map marker requires a latitude and longitude. Please see this link to find out these details of the location you want to display.

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