Because the table shortcode is a more complicated shortcode and doesn’t allow everything what many people try to achieve inside a table we decided to go for the regular HTML table, also because it is not harder to use than the shortcode. Copy the code below and paste it inside the ‘Text’ tab of the visual editor.

These table shortcodes can only contain plain text. If you want to use icons or links in it you’ll need to use the regular HTML tables, see the snippet below:

<table class="custom-table">
            <td>60 minutes</td>
            <td>Follow-up Visit</td>
            <td>45-60 minutes</td>
            <td>$110 per visit</td>
            <td>Extended Follow-up Visit</td>
            <td>60-75 minutes</td>
            <td>$180 per visit</td>
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