UPDATE v3.3.1 – 22-09-2023

added: image size setting to QT: Slider widget on Elementor
fixed: disabled Elementor flexbox container setting by default
fixed: QT: Project Carousel ‘select post by’ setting visibility
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin to v6.2.1.1
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit plugin to v1.9.7

UPDATE v3.3 – 02-08-2023

added: column tablet & mobile setting for Elementor QT: Latest News widget
added: image size setting for Elementor QT: Featured Page & Latest News widgets
fixed: blog post date span tag changed to time tag
fixed: QT: Featured Page excerpt shows Elementor CSS if post_content is displayed
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit plugin to v1.9.6

UPDATE v3.2.3 – 11-07-2023

added: multiple category select for the Elementor "QT: Latest News" widget
added: setting to Elementor QT: Icon Box widget to remove border from icon
fixed: page sidebar option field not visible
fixed: image height setting for the Elementor QT: Latest News widget
fixed: SVG icon font size control for the Elementor QT: Icon Box widget
updated: Font Awesome icon library to v6.4.0
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin to v6.1.7
updated: Essential Grid plugin to 3.0.18
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit plugin to v1.9.5

UPDATE v3.2.2 – 01-05-2023

fixed: replaced deprecated WordPress v6.2 function in demo import file
fixed: custom ACF field file add_action function
fixed: replaced current_timestamp with time function in opening hours widgets
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin v6.1.4
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit plugin to v1.9.4

UPDATE v3.2.1 – 20-03-2023

added: new customizer typography controls
added: customizer mobile navigation link active controls
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit plugin to v1.9.3
updated: Essential Grid plugin to v3.0.17.1
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin to v6.0.7

UPDATE v3.2 – 29-11-2022

added: WooCommerce 7+ compatibility
added: WPML new translator screen compatibility
added: new Elementor widget - QT: Slider
added: new Elementor widget - QT: Shop Products
added: new Elementor widget - QT: Shop Category
added: customizer setting to change 404 page title
improved: removed additional RTL stylesheet and replace default stylesheets with RTL stylesheets for performance
fixed: customizer mobile navigation link color settings
fixed: project post pagination alignment on mobile
fixed: page header customizer setting
fixed: Elementor accordion active state panel
fixed: opening hours widgets custom hours not showing
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO to 6.0.5
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit to v1.9.2

UPDATE v3.1.1 – 01-09-2022

added: blog category prefix page title customizer option
added: multiple customization settings to custom Elementor widgets
fixed: WooCommerce checkout styling issues
fixed: breadcrumbs styling mobile
fixed: Elementor social icon widget PHP error
improved: Contact Form 7 acceptance field checkbox styling
improved: re-ordered settings QreativeThemes Elementor widgets
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin to v5.12.3
updated: Essential Grid plugin to v3.0.16
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit to v1.9.1

UPDATE v3.1 – 21-04-2022

added: option to hide image from QT: Featured Page widget
added: slider option to put the captions on top of the image on mobile
fixed: Gutenberg page title color
fixed: sidebar block heading size
fixed: few CSS RTL issues
updated: soft deprecated Elementor functions
updated: Font Awesome icons to v6.1
updated: Essential Grid plugin to 3.0.15
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin to v5.12.2
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit plugin to v1.9

UPDATE v3.0.2 – 17-12-2021

added: tiktok, snapchat, whatsapp, telegram social link options 
fixed: before/after slider error
fixed: contact form error message color
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit to v1.8.2

UPDATE v3.0.1 – 04-10-2021

fixed: WooCommerce checkout coupon field mobile
fixed: mobile parent link tapping issue

UPDATE v3.0 – 21-09-2021

added: Elementor Page Builder - compatibility
added: Elementor Page Builder - theme demo import option
added: Elementor Page Builder - 21 custom theme widgets
added: before after comparison slider widget
added: bottom footer is now a widgetized area
added: page header background overlay customizer control
added: footer background image position customizer controls
improved: reduced theme package size with 6.9MB
improved: Gutenberg block styling
improved: changed logo size setting to slider control
removed: post social sharing customizer settings
removed: TwentyTwenty as recommended plugin
fixed: responsive embed function PHP error
fixed: WooCommerce checkout page terms checkbox position
fixed: header transparent background opacity control
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO to v5.10.2
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit to v1.8

UPDATE v2.7.1 – 29-07-2021

fixed: mobile submenu toggle button

UPDATE v2.7 – 20-07-2021

added: WordPress 5.8 compatibility
updated: Essential Grid to v3.0.12
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO to v5.9.9

UPDATE v2.6.3 – 16-07-2021

fixed: undefined callback function testimonial widget
fixed: opening hour widget extra info setting
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit plugin to v1.7.3
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO to v5.9.8

UPDATE v2.6.2 – 01-06-2021

changed: active/hover menu link underline CSS class
updated: ACF PRO to v5.9.6
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit plugin to v1.7.2

UPDATE v2.6.1 – 04-05-2021

fixed: carousel icons display issue
updated: demo import files
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit plugin to v1.7.1

UPDATE v2.6 – 20-04-2021

added: the_archive_description to category and tag pages
added: phone number field to qt: team member widget
added: p tag to slide heading tag setting
fixed: social icon widget incorrect icon for instagram
fixed: theme setting button style for WooCommerce
updated: filters for One Click Demo Import plugin
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit to v1.7

UPDATE v2.5.2 – 16-02-2021

fixed: comment reply form styling
improved: accessibility
improved: removed icon picker custom font (< 12KB)
improved: custom image field HTML output for brand and team member widgets
updated: ACF PRO to v5.9.5
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit to v1.6

UPDATE v2.5.1 – 16-01-2021

fixed: qt latest news widget PHP error for PHP 8
updated: ACF PRO to v5.9.4
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit plugin to v1.5.5

UPDATE v2.5 – 11-01-2021

added: Yoast SEO and Rank Math breadcrumb compatibility
improved: slide remove button always visible
improved: removed contact form 7 html5 filter
updated: documentation file
updated: Font Awesome to v5.15.1
updated: Essential Grid plugin to v3.0.11
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit plugin to v1.5.4

UPDATE v2.4.2 – 16-12-2020

updated: jQuery waypoints script to 4.0.1
updated: Essential Grid to v3.0.10
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit to v1.5.3

UPDATE v2.4.1 – 17-11-2020

updated: ACF PRO to v5.9.3

UPDATE v2.4 – 03-11-2020

added: opening hours settings to WPML admin strings
fixed: minor CSS fixes for WooCommerce
updated: ACF PRO to v5.9.2

UPDATE v2.3.4 – 22-09-2020

updated: ACF PRO to v5.9.1
updated: Essential Grid to v3.0.7

UPDATE v2.3.3 – 27-08-2020

updated: ACF PRO to v5.9
updated: Essential Grid to v3.0.6

UPDATE v2.3.2 – 12-08-2020

added: wordpress 5.5 compatibility
fixed: replaced outdated woocommerce_sidebar filter
updated: ACF PRO to v5.8.13
updated: Essential Grid to v3.0.1
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit v1.5.2

UPDATE v2.3.1 – 21-07-2020

fixed: added default value for slide heading tag
fixed: page header background if statement

UPDATE v2.3 – 13-07-2020

wooocommerce 4.3 compatible
added: brand image widget image alt field
added: single slide settings tab
added: slider fixed height option
added: customizer option: button layout
added: wp_body_open function to header.php
fixed: page option header layout
improved: ui styling slider option field
improved: page header style attribute moved to internal CSS
improved: featured page widget excerpt length setting
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit to v1.5.1
updated: ACF PRO to v5.8.12

UPDATE v2.2 – 05-05-2020

improved: global opening hours show as default
fixed: acf.php file php object error
updated: ACF PRO to v.5.8.9
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit to v1.5
updated: font awesome to v5.13
updated: demo import files

UPDATE v2.1 – 14-03-2020

woocommerce 4.0 compatible
added: customizer color controls for submenu hover
added: customizer color controls for mobile menu toggle
fixed: page header settings issue for blog category
fixed: customizer header layout bg opacity controls
fixed: icon picker setting modal alignment
fixed: woocommerce product review styling
updated: Essential Grid plugin to 2.3.6
updated: ACF PRO plugin to 2.8.8
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit plugin to 1.4

UPDATE v2.0 – 10-01-2020

added: global opening hours settings
added: single testimonial widget
added: widget area for left topbar
improved: changed widget icon picker (60kb lighter)
updates: font awesome version to 5.12

UPDATE v1.8.3 – 26-11-2019

wordpress 5.3 compatible
fixed icon selector qt widgets
added: acf admin tab customizer setting
updated font awesome version
updated documentation
updated ACF PRO plugin
updated Essential Grid plugin
updated The Landscaper Toolkit plugin

UPDATE v1.8.2 – 29-10-2019

fixed: footer & blog widget icon issue
fixed: embed shortcode extra textarea galleries
updated: ACF PRO to 5.8.6.

UPDATE v1.8.1 – 24-09-2019

fixed: opening hours variable issue
fixed: FontAwesome icon display issue

UPDATE v1.8 – 10-09-2019

added: google map iframe widget
added: brand logo / image widget
added: header full width layout
added: FontAwesome version 5 support
added: customizer settings for page header image
added: instagram field to team member widget
added: set custom id to accordion shortcode panel
fixed: testimonial widget id error
fixed: jquery console error when url contain hashtag
fixed: sticky navigation option for header overlay
fixed: topbar color control for header layouts
fixed: frontpage sidebar header color issue on mobile
improved: icon picker added to icons fields for font awesome 5
improved: added custom tab page builder widget tab
improved: bottom footer customizer field to textareas
changed: cta button widget is now theme button widget
removed: google+ share button for blog posts
updated: theme documentation
updated: language .pot file
updated: demo import files
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit plugin
updated: Essential Grid plugin
updated: ACF PRO plugin

UPDATE v1.7.3 – 29-05-2019

added: excerpt length setting for featured page widget
fixed: slider pause on hover option
fixed: php error with empty news column attribute
updated: ACF PRO to latest version
updated: The Landscaper Toolkit to v1.1

UPDATE v1.7.2 – 18-04-2019

fixed: default retina logo issue after import
fixed: sticky navigation select field error
fixed: footer bottom padding on header transparent
fixed: child theme style.css position
updated: ACF PRO plugin

UPDATE v1.7.1 – 27-02-2019

fixed: bootstrap css issue for autoptimize plugin

UPDATE v1.7. – 26-02-2019

improved: applied Envato Gutenberg optimized requirements
improved: applied Envato WordPress submission requirements
added: home header overlay layout for demo import
updated: Bootstrap to v3.3.7
updated: ACF PRO plugin to latest version
updated: Essential Grid plugin to latest version

UPDATE v1.6.1 – 31-10-2018

added: PHP 7.2 compatibility
changed: radium importer for one click demo install plugin

UPDATE v1.6. – 25-10-2018

added: basic gutenberg support for default gutenberg elements
added: customizer panel - translation settings for opening hours widget
added: repeat row button option for page slider template
added: testimonial widget setting - touch support
added: template studio - import predefined layouts with a single click
added: new header layout - header overlay
added: customizer setting - topbar link color
added: customizer setting - footer link color
added: customizer setting - button hover color
added: customizer setting - navigation link font size
added: customizer setting - navigation submenu link font size
added: customizer setting - page heading title font size
added: customizer setting - footer widget title link font size
fixed: wooocomerce product search button style
fixed: double tap submenu on 992px screen width
fixed: changed widget create_function to register_widget for PHP 7.2
fixed: header topbar navigation alignment
fixed: contact form 7 acceptance checkbox position
fixed: rtl contact form 7 alignments
fixed: demo data import menu widgets display
improved: rewritten contact 7 form css
improved: display alt tag of slider images always first
improved: wrap table shortcode in scrollable div for mobile view
improved: changed QT widget descriptions
changed: custom css migrated and removed to additional css
updated: advanced custom fields pro plugin
updated: Essential Grid plugin

UPDATE v1.5. – 18-04-2018

added: slider template pause on hover option
added: customzer setting for doubletap touch laptops
fixed: if google maps api key is empty display notice instead of widget
fixed: FontAwesome library link in icon box widget
fixed: header background customizer control on header sidebar layout
fixed: sticky navigation on no topbar header
fixed: contact form layout in documentation
improved: client logo html (no more Bootstrap columns needed)
improved: theme customizer settings/controls layout and descriptions
update: ACF PRO plugin to latest version
update: Essential Grid to latest version

UPDATE v1.4.8.1 – 06-12-2017

fixed: rtl css fixes (woocommerce & theme footer)
updated: ACF PRO plugin
updated Essential Grid plugin

UPDATE v1.4.8 – 17-11-2017

fixed: homepage slider carousel class issue
updated: Essential Grid

UPDATE v1.4.7 – 11-11-2017

added: touch support for homepage slider option
added: customizer option for woocommerce product thumbnail zoom
added: expand accordion by url
fixed: search field width on 404 page
fixed: wp custom menu widget style
fixed: form placeholder text color on homepage
fixed: form placeholder alignment issue on safari browser
fixed: woocommerce product title size
fixed: woocommerce search widget style outside wc pages
fixed: long page title in page header on mobile screens
fixed: product review submit button color linked to customizer
improved: Google Maps API not used if api key field is empty
improved: Google structured data for blog posts
improved: WPML language switcher style
improved: rewritten some php functions
updated: TGMPA plugin activation class
updated: ACF PRO plugin
updated: Essential Grid

UPDATE v1.4.6 – 02-08-2017

updated ACF PRO to latest version v5.6.0
updated Essential Grid to latest version v2.1.5

UPDATE v1.4.5 – 12-04-2017

fixed: advanced custom fields alignment

UPDATE v1.4.4 – 05-04-2017

added: customizer logo width setting
fixed: custom menu wp widget submenu hover
fixed: button shortcode icon
updated: ACF PRO to latest version 5.5.11

UPDATE v1.4.3 – 21-03-2017

fixed: wide header width on boxed layouts
added: new widget: team member
added: customizer setting page header hide
updated: FontAwesome to latest version 4.7.0
updated: QreativeShortcodes to version 1.2 
updated: ACF PRO to latest version 5.5.10

UPDATE v1.4.2 – 17-02-2017

fixed: submenu toggle for for multi-level submenu's
fixed: submenu toggle linked to submenu bg color
fixed: wpml config file key name
updated: QreativeShortcodes to v1.1

UPDATE v1.4.1 – 15-02-2017

fixed: slide caption display if fields empty
added: customizer control for navigation hover link

UPDATE v1.4. – 14-02-2017

fixed: correct add_image_size in latest news widget
fixed: recent post list widget latest post order
fixed: mobile toggle button on header wide
fixed: shop page header layouts
fixed: if page header not displayed navigation overlaps breadcrumbs
added: customizer panel for default slider color controls
added: customizer panel for font type control
added: customizer setting for blog read more text
added: customizer setting for blog excerpt length
added: customizer settings for 404 page
added: added toggle button for mobile navigation submenu
added: single gallery images gap setting
added: single gallery images 5th column setting
added: single gallery option to set textfield position
added: subtitle field for gallery posts
updated: ACF PRO to version 5.5.7
updated: new content export file
updated: theme language .pot file
improved: rtl support
improved: CSS for header layouts
improved: sticky nav transition on header wide
improved: contact form 7 select fieldt
improved: remove slide caption element if captions are empty
improved: span tag around meta comment link
improved: renamed some ACF settings
improved: landscaper Essential Grid skin linked to primary color option (can be turned off)
improved: moved share buttons in seperate template file
improved: single gallery template file re-coded
improved: subtitle field support basic HTML

UPDATE v1.3.2. – 08-12-2016

fixed: customizer CSS output escape
fixed: featured page excerpt strpos error
added: WordPress 4.7 compatibility
updated: language .pot file
updated: documentation file
updated: ACF PRO to v5.5.1

UPDATE v1.3.1. – 10-11-2016

fixed: display all categories select field from latest news widget
fixed: social media icons linked to customizer primary color
fixed: featured page excerpt length
added: customizer option hide comment section
added: customizer option scroll to top show/hide
added: customizer option 404 page image
improved: rtl header sidebar layout
improved: auto height spacer sticky nav transition
improved: rewrote customizer CSS output function
improved: woocommerce myaccount page styling
removed: siteorigin premium button from page builder
updated: bundled ACF PRO plugin to v5.4.8

UPDATE v1.3. – 30-08-2016

added: header sidebar layout option
added: header transparent layout option
added: new homepage demo
added: max mega menu compatibility
added: customizer options for sharing buttons
added: customizer option hide topbar for mobile
added: customizer options for JavaScript (header and footer)
added: customizer logo option (for transparent & sidebar header layouts)
added: page option padding top and bottom page area
added: page option header layout
added: page option display breadcrumbs
fixed: acf fields visible on front-end
fixed: author name in blog post comments
fixed: various CSS fixes
improved: counter widget comma seperator
improved: api key description in map widget
improved: cta banner description in cta widget
improved: redesigned slider metabox
updated: Essential Grid to latest version (
updated: ACF PRO to latest version (5.4.2)
updated: language .pot file
updated: documentation file

UPDATE v1.2.2 – 30-06-2016

added: Google Maps API key option in theme customizer
added: option to change gallery category slug and title
improved: line breaks in icon box widget text field
improved: scroll to #href link from main navigation (one-page option)
improved: navigation left bg color better output
updated: ACF PRO to latest version

UPDATE v1.2.1 – 31-05-2016

fixed: slider image link option
fixed: checkbox not saved blog widgets
fixed: PHP error big date option
updated: TGMPA to latest version 2.6.1

UPDATE v1.2 – 20-05-2016

fixed: slider small text added to customizer primary color
fixed: body class
fixed: testimonial control height
fixed: sub submenu box shadow
updated: TGMPA updated to latest version 2.5.2
updated: FontAwesome to latest version 4.6.2
updated: ACF to latest version 5.3.7
updated: respimage to latest version 1.4.2
added: customizer option blog posts metadata
added: display date option blog widgets
added: open link in new window icon box widget
added: fade slide animation options
added: yelp and houzz to social media widget
improved: if woocommerce isn't active don't enqueue CSS styles
improved: changed deprecated method in brochure widget
improved: use href link in each testimonial
improved: layout header settings metabox

UPDATE v1.1.2 – 17-04-2016

fixed: touch device double tab on screen width > 992
fixed: oembed iframe
WordPress v4.5 compatible

UPDATE v1.1.1 – 07-04-2016

fixed: opening hour widget today active fixed
fixed: submenu not accessible on touch devices
added: paper with roads skin to google map widget
added: featured page edit description in widget

UPDATE v1.1.0 – 16-03-2016

fixed: if no images added to gallery, textarea isn't visible
fixed: theme customizer CSS output symbols
added: heading settings page for gallery posts
added: color control for subtitle
added: hide page title option per page 
added: navigation full background color
added: slider image link to page url option

UPDATE v1.0.8 – 17-02-2016

fixed: submenu shadow
fixed: Essential Grid single post margin
improved: bottom footer text on import
improved: added description to featured page widget
updated: Essential Grid to version 5.3.4
updated: theme documentation

UPDATE v1.0.7 – 24-01-2016

fixed: importer wp_remote_get();

UPDATE v1.0.6 – 20-01-2016

added: recent posts block widget read post text option
added: PHP version checker
improved: WP nav widget link arrow
fixed: gallery post type archive to false
fixed: changed wp_get_http to WP_Http (4.4) in wordpress-importer.php
fixed: top margin post comment button blog reply
fixed: WooCommerce subcategory title
updated: .pot file

UPDATE v1.0.5 – 19-12-2015

fixed: acf-fields page role settings
fixed: radium importer redefinition of parameter $options
updated: ACF PRO to version

UPDATE v1.0.4 – 17-12-2015

fixed: recent posts widgets get posts from category

UPDATE v1.0.3 – 16-12-2015

fixed: appointment form list items background color added to theme customizer
fixed: mobile nav toggle background color to theme customizer
fixed: active panel color when using multiple accordions on one page
fixed: plugin notice position
improved: when only one image is uploaded to the front page slider hide the controls

UPDATE v1.0.2 – 11-12-2015

fixed: button active background color
added: contact form input titles to customizer theme color
added: disable mobile drag option to google maps widget
added: extra info field to opening hours widget
added: more news text input for latest post block widget
added: skype protocol
improved: remove woocommerce styles from customizer when woocommerce isn't active
updated: FontAwesome to v 4.5
updated: translation .pot

UPDATE v1.0.1 – 02-12-2015

fixed: embedding youtube / vimeo video height
fixed: theme customizer theme color output
added: theme customizer background color control
added: theme customizer margin top logo option
improved: added ACF fields through .php file
updated: translation file

November 2015 – v1.0.0 – Initial Release

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