UPDATE v1.6.3 – 09-05-2023

fixed: updated 'swiper-container' carousel class
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO to v6.1.6
updated: Thermen Toolkit to v1.5.5

UPDATE v1.6.2 – 01-05-2023

fixed: replaced deprecated WordPress 6.2 function in demo import file
fixed: Elementor compatibility with “Upgrade Swiper Library" setting
fixed: sticky mobile navigation toggle
updated: SwiperJS to v8.4.5
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO to v6.1.4
updated: Thermen Toolkit to v1.5.4

UPDATE v1.6.1 – 20-03-2023

fixed: contact form spacing
fixed: Elementor widget latest news PHP error
fixed: added version number to WooCommerce template file
updated: Thermen Toolkit to v1.5.3
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO to v6.0.7

UPDATE v1.6 – 29-11-2022

added: WooCommerce 7+ compatibility
added: WPML new translator screen compatibility
added: new Elementor widget - QT: Before / After Slider
added: more customization options to QT: Shop Products Elementor widget
added: more customization options to QT: Shop Category Elementor widget
improved: removed additional RTL stylesheet and replace default stylesheets with RTL stylesheets for performance
fixed: QT Background Image multiple widgets on same page issue
fixed: Booked Appointment calendar style/design
fixed: multiple RTL style issues
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO to 6.0.5
updated: Thermen Toolkit to v1.5.2

UPDATE v1.5.1 – 01-09-2022

added: 404 page customizer setting to add image
added: multiple customization settings to custom Elementor widgets
fixed: bottom footer not visible if one side is empty
improved: re-ordered settings QreativeThemes Elementor widgets
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin to v5.12.3
updated: Thermen Toolkit plugin to v1.5.1

UPDATE v1.5 – 21-04-2022

added: option to hide image from QT: Featured Page widget
fixed: Gutenberg page title color
fixed: sidebar block heading size
fixed: WooCommerce mobile pagination alignment
fixed: few CSS adjustments for RTL websites
updated: soft deprecated Elementor functions
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin to v5.12.2
updated: Thermen Toolkit plugin to v1.5

UPDATE v1.4.3 – 17-12-2021

fixed: Contact Form 7 loader CSS class
fixed: Elementor editor z-index issue
updated: Thermen Toolkit plugin to v1.4.5

UPDATE v1.4.2 – 04-10-2021

fixed: WooCommerce checkout coupon field mobile
improvements: performance improvements
updated: Thermen Toolkit to v1.4.4

UPDATE v1.4.1 – 21-09-2021

fixed: filterable gallery script loading
fixed: shop pagination bottom margin
fixed: breadcrumbs customizer panel not visible
improved: reduced theme package size with 5.2MB
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO to v5.10.2

UPDATE v1.4 – 20-07-2021

added: WordPress 5.8 compatibility
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO to v5.9.9

UPDATE v1.3.2 – 16-07-2021

fixed: facility carousel CSS fix for Elementor PRO
fixed: button rounded search field fix
updated: Thermen Toolkit plugin to v1.4.3
updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO to v5.9.8

UPDATE v1.3.1 – 01-06-2021

added: the_archive_description to category and tag pages
added: auto height setting to carousel widgets
added: phone number option to team member widgets
updated: ACF PRO to v5.9.6
updated: Thermem Toolkit to v1.4.1

UPDATE v1.3 – 20-04-2021

added: p tag to slide heading tag setting
added: heading tag setting for latest news widgets
fixed: 404 page bottom margin
fixed: theme setting button style for WooCommerce
fixed: filter gallery widget filter name with spaces
fixed: tablet screen sidebar opening hours alignment
changed: increased max value for logo width setting
improved: heading tag setting output
improved: css output for slider
updated: filters for one click demo importer plugin
updated: demo import xml file
updated: WooCommerce mini-cart template file
updated: Booked plugin to v3.2.5
updated: Thermen Toolkit to v1.4

UPDATE v1.2.4 – 24-02-2021

fixed: soft deprecated Elementor register_control function
fixed: filterable gallery widget height initialize issue
fixed: theme customizer header background color output

UPDATE v1.2.3 – 18-02-2021

fixed: issue on theme activation

UPDATE v1.2.2 – 16-02-2021

improved: accessibility
improved: removed unused CSS styles (< 114KB)
updated: acf pro to v5.9.5
updated: thermen toolkit to v1.3.2

UPDATE v1.2.1 – 16-01-2021

fixed: alt tag issue for facility widget for PHP 8
updated: acf pro to v5.9.4
updated: thermen toolkit plugin to v1.3.1

UPDATE v1.2 – 11-01-2021

added: Yoast SEO and Rank Math breadcrumb compatibility
added: new Elementor widget homepage slider
added: pagination margin setting for all carousel elements
added: button border settings
improved: slide remove button always visible
improved: removed contact form 7 html5 filter
improved: shop category elementor widget
improved: shop products elementor widget
fixed: booking modal input field text size
fixed: price list mobile styling issue
fixed: button styling settings selector
fixed: elementor sidebar default widget padding
updated: Font Awesome to v5.15.1
updated: thermen toolkit plugin to v1.3

UPDATE v1.1.2 – 17-11-2020

changed: renamed slider menu tab to quick menu
updated: acf pro to v5.9.3

UPDATE v1.1.1 – 03-11-2020

added: customizer header search product filter setting
improved: reduces search field focus time
updated: booked to v2.3
updated: acf pro to v5.9.2

UPDATE v1.1 – 28-10-2020

added: new demo cosmetic shop
added: new header layout option
added: header shopping cart option
added: header search icon option + settings
added: elementor element: banner
added: customizer setting for submenu active link color
added: customizer settings for search page
fixed: minor CSS fixes
fixed: qt icon box element svg icon controls
fixed: customizer slider reset button
improved: Elementor font control
updated: thermen toolkit plugin to v1.2
updated: booked plugin to v2.3

UPDATE v1.0.5 – 22-09-2020

fixed: header 4 sticky header menu issue

UPDATE v1.0.4 – 07-09-2020

fixed: header layout 4 menu display issue
updated: acf pro to v5.9.1

UPDATE v1.0.3 – 07-09-2020

fixed: multiple minor css issues
added: new demo thermen spa
added: new demo thermen wellness
added: inner pages as elementor templates
updated: acf pro to v5.9

UPDATE v1.0.2 – 12-08-2020

added: wordpress 5.5 compatibility
fixed: elementor editor js issue on wordpress 5.5
updated: acf pro to v5.8.13
updated: thermen toolkit to v1.1

UPDATE v1.0.1- 26-07-2020

fixed: WooCommerce default sidebar display

v1.0 – July 2020

Initial Release
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