The slider is built as part of a custom page template because, after switching the template to “Front Page” the slider option field become visible at the bottom of the page (might need to scroll down a bit).

The slider field is located at the bottom of the page for the “Front Page” template
  • Select the “Front Page” template in the Page Attributes field
  • Click the “Add New Slide” button to start

Adding a slide

  1. Add your image (1600 x 770px recommend)
  2. Add a small top heading
  3. Add the main heading
  4. Add a text paragraph (optional)
  5. Click “Add Button” to add a button
  6. Enter the button details
  7. Click “Add New Slide” to add a new image slide
  8. Repeat step 1 till 7

Slider global settings

In the “Settings” tab you can change settings suck as autoplay and interval

Individual slide settings

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